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How to earn money from helo app| Helo app sei paise kese kamaye

How to earn from facebook(without investment).


Facebook is one of the biggest platform after Instagram to sell your products and you can earn money on Facebook without investment there are more than 600 million users on Facebook .many companies are using Facebook to promote their brands so they will approach the users who have good no of likes ,followers etc.But how you can earn from Facebook .In this article I will tell you how you can earn from Facebook likes ,Facebook affiliate marketing,Facebook page.

Table of contents

1 Earn from likes

2 Earn from affiliate marketing

3 Drive traffic to you website 

4 Earn from Facebook page

5 Creating an offer on your page

1.Earn from Facebook likes

Now a days there is a trend that many people wants to get likes .so you can make a page where you can display your plan that for how much rupees or dollar you will give how much likes.

There is a high demand of these types so you can earn a lot of money from here just by giving likes to that post.Now you might be thinking that how you can give likes to that specific post.There are many tutorial on YouTube that how to gain likes .

2.Earn from Facebook affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from Facebook.make a Facebook group and and try to make it around 10k members and then you have to post your affiliate links.There are lots of companies like Amazon ,flipkart,and many more and after that you have to promote the affiliate products through links given by these companies.

There is a great potential to make money from Facebook affiliate .

3.Drive traffic to your website

If you have a Facebook group or Facebook page with a huge followers and you have a website on blogger or WordPress then you can increase your website traffic by putting links of your website in your Facebook page or group .

This is one of the best method to earn money from Facebook through google ad sense or any other ads network

4.Earn from Facebook page

Its easy to create a Facebook page but remember that it does not end with just creating a Facebook page after creating a Facebook page you have to add members and you have to promote it the more you will add the more you will earn .

 you can earn from Facebook page through these way:




5.Creating a offer on your page

 If you have your business page .Then this will be the best method to for announcing your discount ,coupons and sale schemes.Suppose If you have a page on blogging and if you are a affiliate marketer you can sell your domain ,hosting etc you can sell your products at discount here .There is an a option in a page to create an offers where you can describe your schemes ,discount ,coupon etc .It depends on your followers the more followers you  have the more you will earn.  

If you have any any question  regarding above article . Leave your question in comment.


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How to earn money from helo app| Helo app sei paise kese kamaye

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