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How to earn from facebook(without investment).

Best android APPS TO EARN MONEY ONLINE-5 Apps to earn money online

  Best android apps to earn money online

 There are so many ways to make money online.Its sounds good .But are you making money online.research says that at an average a person spends about 4-5 hours a day on phone so why are u not using these hours to make money money below there are best android apps to earn money online


Swagbucks is great app to make money online through apps .It has secured its position o n the list of free money making .Swagbucks provide rewards to the user for watching videos,completing surveys ,playing  games , performing other activities .You have to accumulate SB by completing surveys , watching videos , referring your friend,completing special offers these SB points can be redeemed for gifts cards like Walmart ,amazon or for a papal cash  .

You can start making money with its reliable app just after sign up as the app provides a fixed amount of $10 as a sign up bonus .Swag-bucks has been renowned as the best money earning apps

2. Foap


Foap is a well know mobile app for earning money . What make foap best mobile earning app is that you have to create a profile and just start uploading your photos and sell them through the Foap market.Foap app is very easy to use .

You can upload that you have already taken or yo can take more photos to generate more income.Each photo cost $10 or it can be up to $50 .The cash can be transferred into your bank account ,through PayPal

3.Google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Is a great app to earn money from google .google opinion rewards are good for people who are interested in buying paid apps ,movies ,games ,etc you can earn google play credits rewards by answering surveys  in the google opinion rewards.The credits that you gain by answering surveys are only valid for 12 months and for that you will get a notification .

All you need is to download the app and once you sign in you will get a notification whenever a new survey is available but u have to make sure that you are over 18 and if you are not over 18 you can sign in with your parents e mail.So what are you waiting for go and sign in and earn google play credit.


Slidejoy is great app to earn money from mobile .It is a lock screen app that provide rewards cashback and cash points for using Slidejoy screen locker .All you need is to sign up and start viewing ads on your phones screen. the apps provide a swipe up option which you can use to see more ads.

Slidejoy will give you cash like rewards just for using screen locker of Slidejoy. and you have to go just like normal days -swipe,unlock,use and redeem cash .You can redeem cash rewards to your PayPal account or you can choose gift cards from your favorite  brands like Walmart ,amazon google play and many more.


Helo app is one of the fastest growing app and this app give you the interesting feature  that you can do chatting and make new friends as well as you can earn money also .In this app there is a referral program by which if you refer your friend you can earn up to 300 or 350 .

By this app you can make up to 100 rupees per day .You can withdraw our earnings into paytm or into your bank account and it can be transferred easily . It will not only give you money but it will suggest tips and tricks to improve your lifestyle.This app is safe as it is well monitored and it maintains a safe approach to users.


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How to earn from facebook(without investment).

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